Las Guacamayas

لاس جواكامايس

Las Guacamayas is a region within Corquin where there are a number of small holder farmers who have started working with the Aruco Coop- erative who are based in Corquin Copan. This area is highlighted for its potential quality and ability to produce speciatly coffee due to teh climate and fertile soils. This is a large lot where the coffee from these small holders has been grouped together to produce this coffee. Las Gua- camayas is named after the precious bird of the region. There are a number of micro lot producers in the blend including Donaldo Rafael
Preparation : Natural
Cup Profile: Cacao Nibs, Cinnamon, Roasted Peanuts
González, Osmán René Romero Melgar, María Genoveva, María Melva Rodríguez, Blanca Rosa Melgar, Francis Arturo Romero. They are work
organically and taking care of the environment. This year the harvest for all producers was extremely difficult with increased rains during the harvest and a lack of pickers meaning a large amount of coffee was lost from either falling to the ground or swelling and splitting on the tree. The mill is also at 800masl which gives a drier more stable climate to dry the coffee com- pared to up at the farms where the weather can be less pre-
dictable. The coffee will be delivered to the mill where they assess the cherry (take Brix) and decide on the process for the coffees depending on space and what the producer has done already. The cherry is cleaned and washed and then floated to remove any immatures. The coffee is then taken to the solar drying tents where it is dried for 15 - 20 days there being turned regularly

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    Process: Natural
    Variety: Mixed Varieties
    Cupping Score: 83.75
    Weight: 69kg Bag
    Notes: Cacao Nibs, Cinnamon, Roasted Peanuts