The Vision

To be the main local supplier for green specialty coffee beans selected from the best origins across the world

The Story

KAL is one of the leading companies and most outstanding in the green coffee bean supply industry in Saudi, and it is a certified training academy. KAL have started its journey ... in the world of coffee since 2015, it has continued to achieve a series of unprecedented successes and achievements being the local and main supplier for green specialty coffee in Saudi Arabia, then expanded to deliver to Arab Gulf countries, and to be the optimal link between coffee producers and coffee roasters in the region. KAL has also stood out for being a training academy certified by the best of international institutes and institutions to contribute to enriching the coffee knowledge and empowering the individuals in the coffee industry. We strive to give unique learning experiences to qualify individuals in the professional coffee industry through providing the best international practices through hosting highly qualified instructors in collaboration with the best of knowledge partners.

Our Clients