Spanning more than 11,000 square miles, La Convención is the largest of 13 provinces that subdivide the Cusco region in the southern highlands of Peru. The vast majority of coffee producers in this mountainous region are “smallholder” farmers in the truest sense, with an average farm size of 2 hectares (a little less than 5 acres). Thanks to local governmental support that facilitated access to fertilizers, tools, and improved wet mill infrastructure, many farmers in the region were able to improve their production yields and overall quality in recent years. However, for a significant percentage of this community, the challenge of gaining access to specialty buyers willing to pay higher prices for their coffee on a consistent basis has prevented many from securing a stable and meaningfully improved income.

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    Process: Natural
    Variety: Mixed Varieties
    Cupping Score: 85.5
    Weight: 69kg Bag
    Notes: Milk Chocolate, Blueberry, Brown Sugar, Black Cherry, Red Apple, Pear